Understanding the role the mind plays in health & healing

Saturday 8 June, 3-5pm

There is nothing more interesting in this world than your mind and nothing quite as powerful either. 

The role that our thoughts, belief systems, attitudes and emotions play in health is nothing less then monumental. That being said, how much do we really know about harnessing the power of the mind to heal and to live a magical life, rich in meaningful experiences?

Science is entering a golden age in understanding the role the mind plays in health and healing.  

Join Heath, naturopath and co-owner of The Raw Kitchen, for a 2 hour presentation on the wondrous mind and its role in health:

  • How thoughts effect hormones and the biochemistry of the body

  • The chemical that suppresses unwanted thoughts 

  • How to regrow your brain bigger, happier and smarter

  • The fastest way to calm down a stress response

  • The effect gut microbes have on the mind

  • The effect sun exposure has on brain health

  • The role of tonic herbalism in mental health and more... 

Come and enjoy an afternoon at The Raw Kitchen with a 'special guest' menu price and a complimentary elixir on us with your meal before or after the lecture. 

Public Lecture
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Saturday 22 June, 12.30-3.00pm

Healthy, delicious and dairy-free! Dairy alternatives can be just as good as their counterparts, if not better.

If you’re choosing to avoid dairy in your diet, then learning how to make the healthy upgrades will open up a whole new world of amazing possibilities for you!

Join Heath and Aurora as they teach you how to make:

  • Cultured vegan butter

  • Thick and creamy gut-loving Greek-style yoghurt

  • A variety of rich, silky nut milks

  • Nut-based cheesemaking featuring two different cheeses

  • Coconut ice cream

Enjoy TASTINGS of each recipe, take home a printed recipe booklet, and feast on a huge amount of knowledge and information on all the nutritional foundations, tips and tricks there are to know on this topic.

This is demonstration-based workshop and is not hands on.

Workshop - Dairy-Free 'Dairy' Making
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Double Bundle - book both workshops and save!
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The Fasting Mimicking Diet Workshop
Achieve the incredible benefits of fasting, but with food!

Saturday 22nd June, 4.15-6.45pm

Fasting can be a highly effective way to switch on anti-ageing genes, shift into fat burning mode and reboot the immune system. All cells use the opportunity during a fast to ‘clean house’, and as a result, a multitude of symptoms and conditions can see change, from high blood pressure and cholesterol to inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases and more.

Accordingly, fasting is best used as an integrated part of a holistic lifestyle. Fasting strengthens the body, mind and spirit, even if only done once or twice a year!

“BUT FASTING IS SO HARD, I COULD NEVER DO IT!”  Well you don’t necessarily need to!

Valter Longo – lead researcher at USC (University of Southern California) Longevity Institute – managed to not only identify the main biological pathways responsible for the benefits achieved from fasting, but also how to mimic them, without having to ‘fast’! He coined the term ‘Fasting Mimicking Diet’ (FMD) to describe the dietary principles they used in the lab to induce the characteristic benefits of fasting.

The FMD was designed to achieve the following goals;

  1. Provide sufficient calories to be considered safe

  2. Provide a variety of components that most people can enjoy

  3. Be 100% plant-based

  4. To be equally as effective as fasting, if not more so

Join Heath (naturopath & co-owner of The Raw Kitchen) and Aurora (Holistic Health Nut) as they discuss the incredible benefits of the Fasting Mimicking Diet, how to do it, how to supercharge it with ‘Food as Medicine’ principles and teach you how to make the following recipes:

  • Curry laksa with high fibre konjac noodles

  • Turmeric fried cauliflower rice with ferments and lime ‘cream’

  • Zucchini noodle pasta with coriander pesto and sunflower sprouts.

  • Buckwheat risotto with medicinal mushrooms and greens

  • The 500 calorie nutrient dense super smoothie with blue green algae and emulsified DHA

You'll have the opportunity to taste every recipe demonstrated and ask all the questions you can think of. All recipes are 100% free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and egg and made using the finest whole food ingredients.

This is demonstration-based workshop and is not hands on.

Everyone should do this 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet at least once a year; it’s the ultimate cellular spring clean and rejuvenation program. Why 5 days? Because it takes 3 days to set up the fast on a cellular level. All of the good stuff happens after 3 days. This is not intermittent fasting, this is next level.” Heath

Workshop - The Fasting Mimicking Diet
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Double Bundle - book both workshops and save!
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Heath Daly: Heath is the owner of The Raw Kitchen and a Naturopath with over 20 years experience in holistic medicine. He was a senior lecturer at The Australian College of Natural Medicine and has been public lecturing on health and wellness for the last 12 years. Heath is a progressive health educator on a mission to help people connect back to nature and heal.

Aurora Gilbert: Aurora is a holistic health and wellness coach, World Body Building Fitness Model's gold medalist and owner of Perth-based business, Holistic Health Nut. She is inspired by healthy living and helping others easily integrate more health and fun into their everyday lifestyle.

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"Wow, loved it all! The food was great and Heath was hilarious, genuine and so knowledgeable. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you."

Sandra - Guildford

"Amazing from start to finish! The information was fascinating and so much more than expected. Heath’s passion was infectious. The food was delicious (the pasta was my favourite) and I feel so inspired to go home and implement all I’ve learnt. Thank you! Highly recommended!"

Tash, Scarborough

"Excellent workshop. It was all very new to me, but I've left feeling informed and confident to start incorporating all the elements into my day to day life. Heath is an impressive presenter. Well worth it."

Dave - Hilton


"Fascinating! Loved it! Heath, you're an inspiration." Gabby - Secret Harbour

"Heath has a way of bringing together the best and latest information and making it easy to understand and better yet, incredibly engaging. He's truly the leader in this field of information that I've come across." John - Subiaco

"If you're not sure if this is for you, just do it. Heath is passionate, entertaining and so easy to listen to and you'll come away with such a broad, informed and refreshing perspective on natural health and wellbeing." Sarah - Fremantle

"The very best lecture I've ever attended. I feel so inspired! Thank you!" Faye - Morley


  • Healthy, plant-powered breakfasts

  • Chocolate making

  • Raw desserts

  • The art of fermentation

  • Plant-based cheesemaking

  • Intro to plant-based eating

  • Functional foods for the mind

  • Food as medicine masterclass

  • Weight loss with plants

  • Raw dehydrating

  • Intro to raw

  • Plant-based fat burning foods

  • Getting in shape for the new year

  • Yoga and nutritional medicine

  • Recipes for kids

  • Beauty and skin health

  • Plant-based 'cheats'

  • Holistic plant-based sports nutrition

  • Quick & easy healthy eating on the run

  • Elixirs 101

  • The menopause menu

  • The fasting mimicking diet

  • Medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs

  • Delicious desserts made healthy

  • Dairy-free ‘dairy’ making


  • Access the benefits of fasting, without fasting! Fasting mimicking diets

  • Hormone health with natural medicine

  • Food as medicine - an introduction

  • How to create the life you want with healthy habits

  • An introduction to self care using holistic medicine

  • Detox training

  • The mind in health - our secret weapon

  • Nutritional medicine - the essentiaks

  • Weight loss made easy - cut weight and feel great

  • Kombucha and botanical fermentation

  • Gut health - the key to wellness

  • Electromagnetic radiation - what you need to know!

  • Water & Health

  • The Immune System

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