Heath Daly: Heath is the owner of The Raw Kitchen and a Naturopath with over 20 years experience in holistic medicine. He was a senior lecturer at The Australian College of Natural Medicine and has been public lecturing on health and wellness for the last 12 years. Heath is a progressive health educator on a mission to help people connect back to nature and heal.

Aurora Gilbert: Aurora is a holistic health and wellness coach, World Body Building Fitness Model's gold medalist and owner of Perth-based business, Holistic Health Nut. She is inspired by healthy living and helping others easily integrate more health and fun into their everyday lifestyle.

PUBLIC LECTURE: The Vagus Nerve - The Secret to Health

Sunday 8 September, 1.00-3.00pm

Would you be fascinated to know that the vagus nerve - the largest cranial nerve in the brain - holds the key to wellbeing and longevity? It is responsible for creating the connections and feedback loops with your nervous system that combat stress and facilitate healing, and the 'health' of this process (i.e. our 'vagal tone') is a critical factor in our overall health picture!

Growing old with a great memory and a sharp brain, the ability to quickly bounce back from stress, the ability to counter inflammation, healthy digestion and appetite, and the ability to relax and sleep are all signs of ‘high vagal tone’.

Yet our 'modern lifestyle' is stressing out the vagus nerve and weakening our vagal tone, and we are paying the price as a culture; most of us are living in various states of dis-ease with the heart, the digestive tract and our inability to deal with stress.

But there is a way out! There are ways to build the vagus nerve up, to create resilience and to feed off stress rather then having stress feed your dis-ease!

Join Heath Daly, co-owner of The Raw Kitchen and Naturopath, to discover the nature of the Vagus Nerve and the powerful benefits of chasing 'high vagal tone'.

  • Learn why Heart Rate Variabilty is the best biomarker for health

  • How to measure and track 'vagal tone'

  • How to have more energy!

  • How to breathe to improve 'vagal tone'

  • How facial expressions effect the vagus nerve and the need to surround yourself with positive people

  • The role cold thermogenesis plays in stimulating the vagus nerve

  • How singing, chanting and gargling all tone the vagus nerve

  • How to create a 'state of coherence’ within yourself

Lecture time: 90 minutes plus questions.
Join us for this fascinating view into this undervalued aspect of our health!

Public Lecture
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WORKSHOP: Intro to Plant-Based Eating

Sunday 15 September, 12.30-3.00pm

Eating a diet high in plant-based wholefoods is one of the most positive and proactive choices you can make for your health and the planet and better still, plant-based eating can be some of the most delicious, enjoyable and nutritionally dense food you've ever eaten, once you know how!

Come and join naturopath and co-owner of The Raw Kitchen, Heath Daly, and the wonderful Aurora Gilbert of Holistic Health Nut, as they cover this comprehensive introduction to all things plant-based. They'll delve into the very best foundational knowledge of plant-centric eating, answer all the key questions and concerns, and teach you how to make five hand-picked recipes that demonstrate a breadth of the nutritional areas of focus!

"There is no 'one perfect diet' for everyone. Health is dynamic and our nutritional requirements change constantly. The key is to start working it out for yourself; you can do this by starting with a diet dominated by whole, plant-based foods. We can get most, if not all of our nutrients from a plant-based diet, once we know how. My job is to show you how to get the very most out of plant-based eating." Heath

The recipes are easy, super tasty and designed to meet all of our key nutritional requirements, whilst giving you all the fundamental tools and skills.

We'll be covering, teaching (and tasting!):

  • The key nutritional fundamentals in approaching a plant-centric diet

  • The benefits to your health and the environment

  • The most important ingredients and equipment and how to use them

  • The benefits and the pitfalls to avoid

  • The best plant-based protein, iron and key-nutrient sources

  • Alternatives to dairy including different easy techniques to make creamy nut milks

  • A ‘buttery’ Persian spiced cauliflower rice

  • How to utilise seaweeds and medicinal mushrooms, with a nutrient dense dulse and shitake broth recipe

  • The power of smoothies featuring 'the most nutrient dense smoothie of all time

  • Fermented foods and how to easily make sauerkraut at home

You'll have the opportunity to taste every recipe demonstrated, ask all the questions you can think of, and take home a copy of all recipes in a printed booklet (with additional bonus info and recipes!). All recipes are 100% free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and egg and made using natural, unrefined, wholefood ingredients. Please let us know if you have any allergies.

Who should attend? Anyone who is interested in learning more about the benefits of a plant-based diet, how to create delicious dishes, and wanting to improve their health and vitality!

Intro to Plant-Based Eating Workshop
from 95.00
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"Wow, loved it all! The food was great and Heath was hilarious, genuine and so knowledgeable. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you."

Sandra - Guildford

"Amazing from start to finish! The information was fascinating and so much more than expected. Heath’s passion was infectious. The food was delicious (the pasta was my favourite) and I feel so inspired to go home and implement all I’ve learnt. Thank you! Highly recommended!"

Tash, Scarborough

"Excellent workshop. It was all very new to me, but I've left feeling informed and confident to start incorporating all the elements into my day to day life. Heath is an impressive presenter. Well worth it."

Dave - Hilton


"Fascinating! Loved it! Heath, you're an inspiration." Gabby - Secret Harbour

"Heath has a way of bringing together the best and latest information and making it easy to understand and better yet, incredibly engaging. He's truly the leader in this field of information that I've come across." John - Subiaco

"If you're not sure if this is for you, just do it. Heath is passionate, entertaining and so easy to listen to and you'll come away with such a broad, informed and refreshing perspective on natural health and wellbeing." Sarah - Fremantle

"The very best lecture I've ever attended. I feel so inspired! Thank you!" Faye - Morley

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* Concession card must be shown upon arrival - accepted cards are student / health care card / veterans / pensioner. Please note, if a valid concession card is not displayed upon arrival, the difference in value will be required to be paid before entry.


  • Healthy, plant-powered breakfasts

  • Chocolate making

  • Raw desserts

  • The art of fermentation

  • Plant-based cheesemaking

  • Intro to plant-based eating

  • Functional foods for the mind

  • Food as medicine masterclass

  • Weight loss with plants

  • Raw dehydrating

  • Intro to raw

  • Plant-based fat burning foods

  • Getting in shape for the new year

  • Yoga and nutritional medicine

  • Recipes for kids

  • Beauty and skin health

  • Plant-based 'cheats'

  • Holistic plant-based sports nutrition

  • Quick & easy healthy eating on the run

  • Elixirs 101

  • The menopause menu

  • The fasting mimicking diet

  • Medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs

  • Delicious desserts made healthy

  • Dairy-free ‘dairy’ making


  • Access the benefits of fasting, without fasting! Fasting mimicking diets

  • Hormone health with natural medicine

  • Food as medicine - an introduction

  • How to create the life you want with healthy habits

  • An introduction to self care using holistic medicine

  • Detox training

  • The mind in health - our secret weapon

  • Nutritional medicine - the essentiaks

  • Weight loss made easy - cut weight and feel great

  • Kombucha and botanical fermentation

  • Gut health - the key to wellness

  • Electromagnetic radiation - what you need to know!

  • Water & Health

  • The Immune System

  • The Brain, Your Thoughts & Health

  • Sleep Into Health

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