Heath Daly

Naturopath & Co-Owner of The Raw Kitchen


Heath is the co- owner of The Raw Kitchen and a Naturopath with over 20 years experience in holistic medicine. He was a senior lecturer at The Australian College of Natural Medicine and has been public lecturing on health and wellness for the last 12 years. Heath is a progressive health educator on a mission to help people connect back to nature and heal. He facilitates monthly workshops and regular public lectures on wide array of holistic lifestyle topics.

Heath’s approach to practice…

Heath is a practitioner focused on optimising health; he believes the body can, and does, heal when the cells are properly nourished and supported via a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone has a different history and different genes; therefore, even though two people may have the same disease diagnosed, their road to recovery will be different. Holistic medicine treats the person, not the disease.

I believe in the power of healthy living and tonic herbalism; whether you need to heal from something or are simply practising a longevity lifestyle, lifestyle is key. I use supplements when I need to but always with a plan of transitioning off of them and into natural foods and herbs for maintenance. ” - Heath

Heath is intensely committed to keeping up to date with the latest progressive sciences and applying these to his practice. Beyond just nutrition and exercise, Heath is focused on the whole picture including all the elements of our modern world - nnEMF, blue-light, plastic-pollution and intracellular toxicity - all of these things have an affect on our health and Heath brings them all together into a holistic wellness approach designed for sustainable health and wellness.

Whether you want guidance on a longevity and anti-aging lifestyle or are trying to recover from chronic degenerative disease, Heath will ensure you are doing everything you can within the scope of ‘natural medicine’ to get results. 

  • Weight loss

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Depression

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Irritable bowel and digestive disorders

  • And more…

Book a consult

Our online booking system allows you to select a suitable consult appointment and pre-pay all in one step. You will receive an instant booking confirmation via email.


Do you offer Skype consults with Heath?

Yes, please contact us via contact@therawkitchen.com.au to arrange.

Where do we go?

Our consultation rooms are located upstairs at The Raw Kitchen. When you arrive, head to the back of the building, up the red stairs and down the hallway. Heath’s office is the last door on the right before the balcony.

Which types of concession do you accept?

We offer concession rates for health care card holders and pension card holders. Please show your valid card upon arrival at your appointment.


Please note that we require at least 24 hrs notice for cancellations. Cancellations or non-attendance with less than 24hrs notice will incur a 50% consult charge.




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