Water Co Filter - BMP 400 - 5.5L

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Water Co Filter - BMP 400 - 5.5L


BMP 400 is the latest evolution in Water Co Australia's 32 years of producing dome bench top filter systems. BMP 400 can now remove up to 99.99% of fluoride (unequalled in the industry) after years of exhaustive research by their scientists.

  • 5.25 litre hand blown blue glass reservoir
  • Chrome tap outlet
  • Re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water while filtering out chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria
  • Comes with a filter kit that lasts 4 years (based on 8L of water use per day)
  • Lifetime replacement warranty*

13 stages of sterilising, filtration & activation:

  • Sub micron prefilters
  • Silver ionised activated coconut shell carbon,
  • Ion exchange cation resin for 99.99% Fluoride removal
  • Bio organic coral mineral sands
  • Silica sands
  • Far infrared ceramics
  • Bio ceramic Somelite™
  • Magnets and other patented filter medium


* Water Co Australia are so confident of the quality of their products, should any malfunctions develop due to faulty materials or manufacturing defect, they will replace the part or system with the same or similar product within the life of the purchaser. Your warranty naturally does not cover misuse or negligent handing, and everyday wear and tear, or from the result of prolonged use of expired filters

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