Sustainability and environmental awareness is very real for us and central to our ethos.

Every aspect of our business, from the design through to the build and

implementation has been evaluated for its greater ecological impact.


We aim to showcase and support positive sustainable practice in the industry. 

In the kitchen, we consciously practice waste minimisation, plastic policies & composting. 

Throughout the venue, we use environmentally certified cleaning products,

eco lighting, recycled paper products and water-wise appliances.


All of our rubbish is separated and recycled and we have developed

relationships with our suppliers to support our environmental efforts.


In store, we serve our drinks with reusable stainless steel straws,

serve our T/A food in biodegradable packaging and we support

customer initiative with a sustainability loyalty card program.


We aim to use local, organic & ethical produce and products, wherever possible,

and design our menu seasonally to minimise food miles, unnecessary transport & storage.


And lastly, inline with the latest environmental research by the UN, by choosing plant-based cuisine and 

reducing our consumption of animal products, we together reduce the significant environmental impact that

food choices play on our planet. This, above all else, is the most sustainable choice that we - both

as individuals and as a social group - can make, in order to produce the greatest and most immediate

impact on carbon emissions, rates of global water consumption and pollution, land degradation and more.  


Our longer term goal is to complete the circle with farming practices to supplement our 

produce cycle and to be running the venue on solar and renewable energy sources.